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Retro Sweets Gift Box (Large)

£23.45 Inc VAT

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Contains the following sweets:

Candy Necklaces (5)  
Candy Watches (5)
Chocolate Footballs (100 grams)
Chocolate Mini Eggs (100 grams)
Crocodiles (100 grams)  
Drumstick Lollies (5)
Fizz Wiz  (2)
Fizzers (10)  
Flying Saucers  (50)  
Friendship Rings 100 grams
Fruit Salad 200 grams
Gummy Teddies 100 grams
Jelly babies 100 grams
Jelly Beans  100 gram
Jelly Mix  200 grams
Love heart Mini Rolls  200 grams  
Marshmallows 100 grams
Milk Chocolate Beans (100 grams)
Milk Bottles (100 grams)  
Rainbow Drops (4 packets)  
Original Refreshers  (10)
Hand Made Pear Drops 100 grams
Sherbet Fountains (2)

If you would like us to add a personal message let us know and we will add this to the packing slip.

Size of closed box : 22 x 11 x 28 cm

 If one of the items is out of stock, to prevent holding up your order we will replace it with a similar iconic sweet, (happens very rarely).




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