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Traditional Retro Sweets

Talking about Retro Sweets recently and in particular about Aniseed Balls to a Second World War Veteran he told me a fascinating story of how British Navel engineers developed a technique for arming sea Mines. The mines would foat in the sea waiting for enemy shipping to pass and explode on contact. The problem had always been transporting and arming the mines, therefore if one were to go of during delivery by plane or boat it would have disastrous consequences for the crew. So the challenge was how do we arm the bomb and still be able to drop it in the sea from a plane.

Answer: Aniseed Balls

How: An Aniseed Ball or similar was inserted into the spring loaded arming mechanism making it safe. Then the mine was dropped into the sea, the action of the sea water disolved the sweet gradually resulting in the mine being armed. Clever or what!!!!!

Sweets Lovers
Well its great news for you sweet lovers everywhere with the fantastic range and choice of sweets now offered right here at Sweets for U.

We supplied a bucket of sweets as first prize in the children Duck Race at St Catharine's Hospice Lostock Hall near Leyland. This annual event was a great success. The sweet feast included Flying Saucers, Fizz Whizz, Black Jacks and Fruit Salad, Love Hearts, Parma Violets, Drumstick Lollies, Double Lollies and many more in fact too many too mention.

We also supplied Bubble Gum, Lolly Pops, Shrimps, Liquorice Allsorts, Lions Wine Gums, Fruit Salad, Lions Midget Gems, Cherry Lips and lots of other old fashioned traditional sweets for Celebrity Big Brother.

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Toffee Making

I invited the 1st Standish Explorer Scout Unit where I am a leader round to the works to watch treacle Toffee being made, they were delighted and as well as taking home a 250g bag they managed to eat their way through 2kg as they watched the demonstration.

Bonfire Toffee: Delicious and smooth made with Tate and Lyle’s finest black treacle full of flavour an ideal accompaniment to any Bonfire party. Just don’t bite off more than you can crunch!

Online Sweets

Since expanding on to the web sales have continued to increase as more people are able to purchase the sweets they thought were no longer available, sweets such as Anglo Bubbly, Gobstoppers and Jawbreakers Children's sweets are still the most popular both online and in our shops. Sherbet fountains, Mojos, and flying saucers, bring back a wonderful trip down memory Lane.

We featured in the Oxford Journal and The Observer food Monthly.
The Observer food monthly was particularly interested in our Hand Made sweets which are still made the old fashioned way, with an open copper pan, for a fuller flavour, such as, Nutty Brittle, luminous pink Pear Drops, Mint Balls, Old Fashioned Humbugs, Rainbow Crystals, Cough Candy, Traditional Fudge, Hand Made Treacle Toffee, a real Traditional old fashioned sweet, and our full cream Hand Made Fudge.

We supplied the Flying Saucers, Black Jacks, Sherbet Fountains, Jelly Sweets, Liquorice, Gums and other sweets hard to find in conventional shops, to Channel 4 Big Brother as the housemates were treated to a children's party.

Customer Comments:

Just a quick email to say our 3kg bag of mini eggs arrived safely and beautifully wrapped last week We were thrilled that so much care had been taken with the order and that your service was very speedy. The eggs will be eaten at our daughter's wedding service - in little nests on the dining tables. Many thanks indeed.
Katie Jones

 I just received my order this morning and just wanted to say a big thank you I'm delighted with it... our sweet table at our wedding is going to look fab...i will b recommending your site to everyone ... Thanks again you've made this Bride very happy :)
Sarah Storey

The sweets Just arrived
I am very happy
Elizabeth Roberts

Order received and very happy with it. Many thanks again.

Just a quick Thank you for the prompt delivery of the Liquorice I ordered. My husband was very happy that I'd managed to source a supply!
I was impressed with the emails you sent to keep me updated with the order/delivery process..thank you. I'm sure I'll be ordering some more in the future and this time I'll also order some for myself... maybe some of the delicious sweets I remember from childhood!
Brigitte (Hunt)

My order arrived today, securely packed. Excellent service. Thank you.
Marion Peters

I got my order thank you they where lovely!!i will be placing an other order soon.
A very pleased customer,
Tracy Ann Farquharson

Thank you for you prompt responses today, I would just like to say what a great service you have provided for me.
I will definitely be ordering more products from you in the very near future.

Thank you so much, parcel arrived today, what fab service, recommended you to my friends.


Arrived safely.
Many thanks - great service.
Kind regards